This is the 1st Intensive Course (IC) to be organized in the frame of the iTEM project. It will be hosted by the Aalborg University in Copenhagen’s campus.

Aalborg University in Copenhagen

The IC will start on the 28th of October 2019 and its sessions will be completed by the 29th of October 2019. Its main objective is to provide the fundamentals of how to apply Problem Based Learning (PBL) and Project-Based Problem Learning (POPBL) teaching techniques during teaching mathematics. The poster can be downloaded from here

The Event’s Poster

The teaching scenario is the registered participants to have studied prior to their arrival material uploaded onto the iTEM project’s Moodle platform regarding the fundamentals of the PBL and POPBL. In the venue, the participants will be grouped in national groups coming from the test Institutions (HMU, UKIM, HAC, NUUz, TUIT, KEEI, UC, HIT, UMIB, UP) and a problem will be set to them. This problem should be addressed by using PBL and POPBL fundamentals. The teams will be supervised by AAU experts. The participants should be the math teachers will apply these techniques on the frame of the iTEM project back home. The educational program of the IC plans also a poster session during which the participants from the other partners of the iTEM project apart from the test Institutions will present their actions along with the project.

The program of the IC can be found here


  • All the participants should send an email to the iTEM coordinator ( to be registered as a student through the Moodle Platform to the course. Please also send a photo of you and also a short description of yourself
  • All the partners will have a poster presentation, please send the title of your poster to the coordinator. The poster size could be either A1 or A0
  • Responsible academics for this particular IC are: Dr. Evangelia Triantafyllou and Dr. Olga Timcenko, both of them from AAU
  • All the test Institutions can participate with a maximum of three students – participants
  • Deadline to be registered is by the end of September 2019
  • Please, students participants should study the material will be uploaded onto the Moodle course prior to your arrival
  • For those traveling to Copenhagen, some useful traveling guidelines can be found here
  • The participants’ list and contact details can be found here
1st School for Trainers in PBL, AAU, Copenhagen, Denmark, 28th & 29th of October 2019

After the Intensive Course

All the teaching material (in electronic form and the training videos) have been uploaded onto the iTEM Moodle platform – please check (you need to have credentials in order to log in – please contact with

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