The iTEM main objective is to make 1st year Engineering and Computer Science undergraduate students to realize the impact of the Mathematics (using as a proof of concept the modules of Calculus I and Linear Algebra I) in solving and dealing problems from other sciences and real-life problems. The consortium will focus to bring a breath of fresh air in the way Mathematics is taught. This objective will be approached using:

  • New Teaching Approaches e.g. Problem Based Learning and Project Oriented Based Learning (Leading Partner: AAU)
  • Incorporate tools to identify the weak students and provide them support to continue their studies (Leading Partners: CVUT, UMIT, UKIM)
  • Introduce CAS tools during teaching Mathematics (Leading Partner: ULL)
  • Introduce Simulations to visualize Mathematics (Leading Partner:)
  • Introduce Real Life Problems and Tasks along teaching Mathematics (Leading Partner: KSU)
  • Organize Intensive Courses for the Training of Math Teachers and Students (Leading Partners: AAU, ULL, UMIT)
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed techniques and tools regarding the students understanding and exam success rates after their application (Leading Partner: WIS)
  • Integrating the proposed techniques and tools into their existed Linear Algebra and Calculus I courses (Leading Partners: HMU, HIT, HAC, UKIM, NUUz, TUIT, UC, UMIB, UP and KEEI)

The iTEM Project Timeline – 1st Year (2018 – 2019)